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Participation of scheduled caste youth in achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Tamil Nadu: a critical analysis
A comparative study of deterministic and stochastic dynamics of rumor propagation model with counter-rumor spreader
Fragments of Dalit Lives - Arif Rasheed (Stories and Experiences of Living with Dalits of Rural Gujarat)
Social group work with young people in Tamil Nadu, India: A case study of civic engagement
Breast self‑examination practices among young rural women and its associated knowledge and attitudes in Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu
Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Practices in Indian Tea Companies
A systematic review on early prediction of Mild cognitive impairment to alzheimers using machine learning algorithms
Broadening of horizons: a review of blockchains’ influence on EHRs development trend
Youth Social Entrepreneurship: Importance and Scope in India
COVID-19 and stress of Indian youth: An association with background, on-line mode of teaching, resilience and hope
The association between social support and resilience of young adults of Kashmir exposed to stressful events of armed conflicts and with their background variables
What young people have to say about sex work? An exploration
Fieldwork in Social Work Education During Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic in India: Disruptions and Discoveries
Interstate Migration in India During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Analysis Based on Mobile Visitor Location Register and Roaming Data
Modeling and simulation of a novel secure quantum key distribution (SQKD) for ensuring data security in cloud environment
Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) among Young Adults of Kashmir
International Histories of Psychological Assessment
Muslim Women Entrepreneurs Towards the changing pattern of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice in usage of Health Services in Rural Nadia West Bengal
Genetics Based Compact Fuzzy System for Visual Sensor Network
A Cross-Sectional Study on Mental Health of School Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic in India
Professional Social Work Associations in India - Introduction to Social Work, Sage Text Book
A New Interactive Decision Approach with Probabilistic Linguistic Data: An Application in the Academic Sector
Challenges Faced by Female Commercial Sex Workers in Puducherry, India: A Qualitative Inquiry
Assessment of renewable energy sources for smart cities’ demand satisfaction using multi-hesitant fuzzy linguistic based choquet integral approach
Sexual Abuse of Male Children : Current Status and Future Directions
COVID-19 and Mental Health of Indian Youth : Association with Background Variables and Stress
Untold and Painful Stories of Survival : The Life of Adolescent Girl of the Paniya Tribes of Kerala, India
Safety and Welfare of Children Under Institutional Care in India: A Situation Analysis
Child Abuse and Neglect in India, Risk Factors and Protective Measures
Introduction - Child Safety, Welfare and Well-Being : Need of the Hour Child Safety, Welfare and Well-Being
Deviant Desires: Body Image and Sexual Autonomy of Differently Abled Women in Cinema
Dalit Women in Cinema: A Narrative of Gender and Caste
Challenges Faced by Female Commercial Sex Workers in Puducherry, India : A Qualitative Inquiry
New ranking model with evidence theory under probabilistic hesitant fuzzy context and unknown weights, Neural Computing and Applications
Clean energy selection for sustainable development by using entropy-based decision model with hesitant fuzzy information, Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Menstrual hygiene Management: Socio-cultural Challenges faced by the Adolescent Girls in India
Depression: A comparison of Australian and Indian University Students
Cloud vendor selection for the healthcare industry using a big data-driven decision model with probabilistic linguistic information
Democratic Decentralizaton and Socio-Political Inclusion of Marginalized Communities: A Study of Musahar Community in Madhubani District of Bihar, India
Status of the Children of Fishing Community of Southern India: an Empirical Study
Evidence and Predictors of Resilience among Young Adults Exposed to Traumatic Events of the Armed Conflict in Kashmir
Parent–Teacher Non-Acceptance to Early Gender-Diverse Behaviours of Transgender Children
Prevalence of trauma among young adults exposed to stressful events of armed conflicts in South Asia: Experiences from Kashmir
An Integrated Single-Valued Neutrosophic Combined Compromise Solution Methodology for Renewable Energy Resource Selection Problem Energies
A Decision Aiding Framework for Two-Way Selection of Cloud Vendors in Medical Centers With Generalized Orthopair Fuzzy Information
Prioritization of zero-carbon measures for sustainable urban mobility using integrated double hierarchy decision framework and EDAS approach, Science of the Total Environment
Multi-criteria food waste treatment method selection using single-valued neutrosophic-CRITIC-MULTIMOORA Framework
Education for Children of Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs): A Community-based Participatory Approach
An integrated decision‑making COPRAS approach to probabilistic hesitant fuzzy set information
Risk Factors Associated with Corporal Punishment of Children in India: A Qualitative Study
Interval-valued probabilistic uncertain linguistic Information for decision-making: selection of hydrogen production methodology
Assessment of Cloud Vendors Using Interval‐valued Probabilistic Linguistic Information and Unknown Weights
Psychological Distress Among Doctoral Scholars: Its Association with Perseverance and Passion
The Rise of the Panchayati Raj Institutions as the Third Tier in Indian Federalism: Where the Shoe Pinches
Skilling the Rural Youth of the Northeast of India Through Rural Technologies
Mental Health in the Face of Armed Conflict: Experience from Young Adults of Kashmir
Psychological distress among young adults exposed to armed conflict in Kashmir
Adverse childhood experiences: association with physical and mental health conditions among older adults in Bhutan
A Hesitant Fuzzy Combined Compromise Solution Framework-Based on Discrimination Measure for Ranking Sustainable Third-Party Reverse Logistic Providers
Transfer of Technology for Youth Civic Engagement in Pond Restoration: An Intervention Study Using the Social Group Work Method