Celebration of International Yoga Day

RGNIYD on 21st June 2018 celebrated International Yoga Day at its campus with 130 (83 boys, 47 girls) students from different schools in and around Sriperumbudur and its staff (46 male, 35 female). Shri.P. Mohan Raj, PTI, RGNIYD, welcomed participants and the chief guest Dr. P. Bhaskaran, Yoga Kalaimamani for the programme.

Prof. Dr. A. Chandra Mohan, Registrar RGNIYD greeted the participants for the celebration by lighting the lamp and addressed the gathering about the importance of Yoga practice in daily life. The registrar also explained about various benefits of yoga to maintain good health and athletic performance.

Dr. Bhaskaran, Yoga Kalimamani, spoke about the benefits of yoga since its inception in ancient times and the yogis who taught to their disciples. He gave us the information that Shiva is not known as a God, but as the first Guru or the Adi Guru. He is the Adi Yogi or the first Yogi. Out of his realisation, he became ecstatic and danced all over the mountains or sat absolutely still. The first part of Shiva's teaching was goddess Parvathi. The second set of yogic teaching was expounded to the Sapta Rishis, or the first seven sages.

Dr. Bhaskaran, demonstrated simple Asanas which can be practiced for well-being thereby reducing medical visits. The session lasted for 45 minutes and covered students, working people who do not get spare time to practice yoga.

After the yoga demonstration, a short film on yoga was screened in the seminar hall to enhance the knowledge on correct practice of yoga to get best results, the audience interacted with the expert and cleared doubts about yoga practice, which was coordinated by Dr. S. Kumaravel, Asst. Prof. DSW,RGNIYD.

An exhibition of posters on different asanas and related literature were displayed for the benefit of participants.

The celebration came to an end with vote of thanks by Dr. T. Gopinath, Asst. Prof., DGS, RGNIYD and the Chairperson for the Yoga celebration Committee. A total of 211 students and staff actively participated in the International Yoga Day Celebration as per the protocol of Central Government.