Inauguration of the Construction-Related Skill Training for the Underprivileged Youth of Kashmir – 9th May 2022

Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD), Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, is an Institute of National Importance by the Act of Parliament No.35/12 and a premier Institution of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.     


The Centre for National and International Collaboration (CNIC), RGNIYD, Kilo Force, Indian Army, Ministry of Defence, Government of India and Larsen & Toubro Construction Skills Training Institute (CSTI), Kancheepuram are jointly organizing a residential skill training programme on various construction skills for the underprivileged youth from Kashmir in consonance with the Prime Minister’s outreach initiatives to skill the Jammu and Kashmir’s youth and foster the employment situation. 


The programme was inaugurated at RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur on 9th May 2022. Thirty Youth from Kashmir are participating in the Construction Related Skill Training Programme. Dr. Vasanthi Rajendran, Professor and Head, Centre for National and International Collaboration, RGNIYD welcomed the dignitaries and the participants. Later she mentioned about the skill development situation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and highlighted the need for providing skill training for the youth of Kashmir. She mentioned about the national level initiatives for enhancing the employability skills of the youth and about the recent initiatives of RGNIYD in offering training programmes for promotion of rural technologies which leads to self-employment. She further mentioned about the scope of the construction industry and the pro-active initiatives of RGNIYD and L&T in providing placement for the trainees of the programme. 


Shri. S. V. Narayanan, Facility Management Head of L&T Kancheepuram delivered the special address. He highlighted about the course design and curriculum of the skill training programmes of L&T and mentioned that about 80% of the course will include only hands on training. He mentioned that the trainees should adhere to the rules, safety and take fullest benefit of the training which will prepare them for placements in L&T Projects.  


Shri. J. Kabilan, Head HR, Buildings and Factories IC (part of L&T Construction), L& T Chennai in his Presidential Address mentioned about the achievements of L&T .He said that L&T is delighted to partner with RGNIYD which has nation-wide connections in the field of youth development and will be happy to provide its support in the future for offering training programmes for the youth across the country. He detailed about the employment opportunities for the youth in the construction sector and said that L&T will facilitate opportunities as OJT in project sites.


Prof. Sibnath Deb, Director, RGNIYD inaugurated the programme. In his inaugural address he highlighted the initiatives of the Honourable Prime Minister and the Union Government in skilling the youth. He mentioned about the special programmes and focus of the Government of India in launching various special projects for the benefit of Jammu and Kashmir including the skill development initiatives to enhance the employability of the youth of J&K. 


He mentioned that skill development is crucial for job creation. Mentioning about various skill development initiatives including the IT related skill development programmes for the youth of the country the Institute undertook during the pandemic period, he said that India is endowed with unique demographic benefit with a large segment of the population being young. However, for this great dividend comprising enormous labour and work force, there is a dire need for enhancing the livelihood skills. He cited that due to lack of transferable skills many youth are not able to secure job. India’s GDP can be improved only if the youth become economically productive. 

He encouraged the youth of Kashmir to evince keen interest in acquiring the skills which will increase their proficiency to pursue a useful career. He lauded the efforts of the Indian Army and the L&T for collaborating with RGNIYD for launching this initiative of providing construction related skill training which will be followed by placements in and around Kashmir. As this is only a pilot project, series of programmes will be launched for the benefit of youth across the country through such collaborations. 

He mentioned that Institution-Industry will yield good results and will realize the real purpose of education. He further mentioned that the National Education Policy 2020 envisages the model of Institution-Industry collaboration and that is being realized today at RGNIYD. 


Today several universities are giving importance to skill development as per the requirement of NEP 2020 which is a leap step towards employability skills enhancement for creation of employment ready youth. He mentioned that RGNIYD is committed towards the holistic development of youth and will undertake all possible efforts for 


Shri. B. Venu Gopal, Principal of L&T Construction Skills Training Institute, Kancheepuram proposed the vote of thanks. 


Initially, the Kashmiri Youth are being provided with soft skills training and basic orientation for two days at RGNIYD.  After the initial soft skills training and basic orientation, L&T CSTI will provide full-time residential Construction Skill Training in various trades for the participating youth at Kancheepuram. 

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