Online Consultation with the HR Managers of Industries in Tamil Nadu to Map the Skill Requirements of Youth



In November 2019, the unemployment rate in Tamil Nadu was at 2.5%, as per a study conducted by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). In April, 2020 when the lockdown was in place, the unemployment rate rose to 43.5% as per the study. In May, as the lockdown restrictions were relaxed, the unemployment rate stood at 33%, the study by the same organization pointed out.


The unemployment situation can be tackled by providing skill development training at a much faster rate than is happening in the last few years. Presently, only 2 per cent of the total workforce in India have undergone skill training. Three-fourths of the youth in the country have never enrolled for a skill development programme.


In this background, RGNIYD proposes to offer skill training/education certification scheme to enable and mobilize a large number of youth to take up outcome-based skill training to become employable and earn their livelihood.


For this, a preliminary online consultation with the Managers of Human Resource Departments of various industries to map the skill requirements of the industries in and around Chennai, Tamil Nadu was held by the Centre for Training, Orientation and Capacity Building (CTOCB), RGNIYD on 11 July 2020.


The objectives of the Consultation were to ascertain the present skill requirement of the industries, manpower requirements etc.; to bridge the gap between the job seekers and job providers through targeted interventions by offering Re-skilling/upskilling programmes and to explore the possibilities of offering On the job/Off the job training, Skill levelling-up programmes and Vocational Education Programmes for the youth.


The discussions in the Consultation focused on Skill Training required for the Industry/Firm; Number of youth to be trained in the skill; Willingness to set up the skill training infrastructure in RGNIYD; Willingness to support skill training in the industry; and Willingness to absorb/provide placement in the industry to the trained youth.


The HR Managers from different sector were invited for the consultation viz. automobile, health, IT/ITES, banking, pharmaceuticals, garments, cement, engineering, infrastructure, etc. The HR Managers of TAFE Tractors Pvt. Ltd, Sharadha Motor Industries Ltd., APTIV Components India Private Ltd, Hi5 Careers PVT Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, Bharat Petroleum Oil & Gas Companies in India, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, Caterpillar Pvt. Ltd, Hosur and Ashok Leyland participated in the meeting.


The HR Managers gave their views on the skill training requirement of their respective industry and evinced in partnering with RGNIYD in skilling the youth in  a particular skill by providing the necessary support like infrastructure, trainer and also ensure the absorption of the trained youth in their industry.


The discussions emerged with the following requirement:


  • In the automobile sector, there is need for skilled personnel in the auto component and service sector
  • There is a lot of demand for persons skilled in dealership as well as in exhaust systems.
  • In the car manufacturing sector, there is severe dearth of welders and painters. There is need for smart welders/painter for which skilling and reskilling of the existing spot welders is absolutely necessary.
  • There is a great demand for service engineers
  • In the IT sector, there is a huge demand for after sales service and electrical based PLC skilled persons.
  • The requirement in heavy industries is persons with analytical and logistical strengths.
  • In the banking and IT sectors there is demand for persons with good soft skills and behavioral skills